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Bandos beach

When to go

As Maldives straddle the Equator, the temperature hardly varies throughout the year so you can visit at any time and it will be around 25 to 32 degrees C (77 to 90 degrees F). The sea is also always warm (27-30 degrees C or 80-86 degrees F). There's no need for a cardi or jacket, even at night, as the temperature only dips around three degrees, so you can enjoy midnight strolls round the beach in just shorts and t-shirt or sundress if you feel like it. With so little light pollution, Maldives' starry skies are incredible.


The difference in seasons in Maldives is the change in direction of the wind, which brings a change in the weather.


From around mid-December to the end of April, the wind blows from the north east and you are more likely to have clear blue skies, gentle winds, millpond calm seas with excellent water visibility and little rain. That's why it's designated high season, and resorts charge higher prices. Christmas and New Year is the most expensive time of all.


From May to November/December, the wind swings round and blows

from the south west, bringing generally stronger winds, sometimes choppier water and more cloud and rain. Prices are therefore lower.

BUT! It's not that simple...


The weather in Maldives at any time of year can be unpredictable. The seasons don't always change at the same time each year; you can have

wall-to-wall sunshine in low season and rain in high season; plus, the islands are so small and are spread over such a huge area that each island seems to have its own micro-climate. You can be standing in brillliant sunshine on your island yet see dark clouds and rain on a neighbouring island! It doesn't really matter where in the country you go, the weather isn't any better or worse in the northern or southern atolls.


Our advice

From our experience, low season weather is usually more unsettled so we'd advise going for at least 10 days, just in case you get a few days of rain. But the rain often falls at night, or in short, sharp bursts before it's gloriously sunny again, and it's still hot. We've had some of our most enjoyable holidays with fabulous weather in low season and families can bag some great bargains in the summer school holidays, when the Med is very costly.


If you only have a week to spare, or your budget allows, you will have better odds of daily sunshine and calm seas in high season. 

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