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Maldives Bandos island view
Maldives Bandos beach
Maldives Reethi Beach lagoon
Maldives island and lagoon

How do I choose an island?

There are over 100 resort islands in Maldives and, while at first they may all look the same and they all have clear, warm water and white beaches, they do have their differences...


It can be overwhelming making your choice, so here are a few pointers to help you focus on what you're looking for in your ideal island: 



This will be your first criteria that will help narrow down your options. How much do you want to spend, taking into account international flights?  Transfer costs, particularly seaplanes, can be considerable and are often left out of prices displayed by online travel companies, as are taxes, so bear this in mind when comparing quotes. If not paid for in advance, transfer costs and taxes will be added to your island bill on check-out, which can be a nasty surprise! Magic of Maldives prices always include your transfer and all taxes in your initial quote,

so there are no hidden costs.


Which board basis?

Some islands offer a range of meal plans eg Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board and All Inclusive. Some offer Half Board Plus, which includes breakfast, dinner and drinks. Others are All Inclusive only or don't offer AI, so think about which is best for you. 


Which of these are important to you?

Snorkelling: do you want to be able to snorkel straight from the beach, or are you happy to take boat trips to snorkel? 


Diving: is it a priority for you to have excellent dive sites nearby?


Type of transfer: would you prefer boat, seaplane or domestic flight?


Size of island: they range from tiny (walk all round it in 10 minutes) to large enough to have bicycles or buggies for transport. Generally, the larger the island, the more choice of restaurants, bars and other facilities like gyms and tennis courts.


Type of accommodation: do you want to be on the beach or over the water? Happy with rooms in blocks or want an individual villa?


Style: do you prefer rustic, traditional style with natural materials like thatched rooves, or do you like very modern?


Pool or no pool (pools tend to attract families)


Choice of restaurants or happy with one good buffet?


Night life 


Family friendly, child-free or as few children as possible?

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